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Aviation Security Services

Qualified & Operationally Experienced Aviation Security Staff to Support Requirements & Solutions

Regrettably, aviation businesses face a variety of security concerns. Terrorism is constantly a threat. While theft, vandalism, sabotage and assault demand attention daily. As such, services have become more complex and sophisticated to manage safety and protection and assurance. 

As a result, Central Watch Security can provide a responsive and flexible service that changes with demands.

To do this, we supply practical security solutions for all aviation-related businesses. We do this with a mix of tools and technology and manned security staff.

Airports, airlines, cargo operators, handling agents, and fixed based operators will likely need different solutions. Therefore, we can provide a custom and reliable security service for your exact needs.

Understandably, your goal is to move passengers through the airport swiftly. You want to ensure their transition is pleasant. As they do so, they happily enjoy all that is on offer, such as the lounges and retail and hospitality areas.

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Eminent Passenger Experience…

…From Meet & Assist services to general commuter activity. We aim to encourage passenger transition to assure on-time departure and arrivals. While we maintain a tight security service, your customers should undergo the best possible adventure.

Aviation Security Services

  • Document verification
  • Access Control (airport premises, warehouses, aircraft)
  • Passenger screening/profiling
  • Aircraft security services (guarding/search)
  • Cargo and baggage screening
  • Advance Passenger Information (API), No Fly, Watch list administration
  • Meet & Assist Concierge
  • Check-In Security
  • Gate Security
  • Cabin Clean & Search

Aviation Security Guards

Clearly, your security needs are complex. Therefore, there will be a need for static and mobile guards to protect your aviation company. Officers will be required to man stations, perform patrols and searches.

Security operatives will help to keep your passengers safe. They will secure airport and airfield buildings and infrastructure and all employees.

Our security guards can secure your business with technology. They can monitor and respond rapidly by utilising CCTV security systems. Maintain, operate and test security equipment while providing cargo and central search security operations.

Airport Concierge

Enable a Meet & Assist service for people that need a fast solution through the airport arrival, departure or transit.

Our quality standards and reputation from over 25 years of experience allow us to deliver a top aviation concierge service.

We are committed to ensuring your customers have an enjoyable journey throughout the airport experience.

Our airport concierge service is available for arriving, departing or transiting passengers. A personal concierge can accompany travellers as they arrive. They can assist with baggage, through security, check-in or border control and throughout the airport’s amenities.

Overall, with over 25 years of experience, Central Watch Security can provide a flexible aviation security service to meet your needs.

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