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Manned Guarding Security Services

Security Guards to Secure Surroundings & Operate Disturbance Free

Danger is just around the corner. A trespasser. A burglar. A vandal. They can add to your everyday stresses and cost you a lot of money – replacing goods and equipment and repairing any damage… Not to mention your insurance premiums.

Criminals target all types of businesses; retail, corporate, industrial, construction and individuals too. Because of this, business owners and wealthy individuals choose manned guarding services for active protection.

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A Proactive Solution Against Crime

Security guards provide just that… a physical visual deterrent. With your manned security service in place, you can be sure we will eliminate criminal damage and theft – day and night. Open or closed. Awake or asleep. You can be confident that Central Watch Security specialist risk management and loss prevention is providing all-round protection.

Even if you have CCTV, a combined technology and security team will increase your defence. With a person on-site, backup is already there. Therefore, you, your staff and customers are protected against the risk of assault or injury. Plus, we guard your assets.

Overall, our manned guarding security service responds quickly to protect your assets and people. In the end, security guards save you from financial and emotional heartache.

As a specialist manned guarding company, you can be certain your home, company, people, goods and equipment are safe. This is the case as our experienced security officers quickly recognise and respond to possible threats and emergencies.

Every Central Watch Security guard is trained and licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA). They are Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) “police” checked.

Plus, our security guards are vetted and recruited and trained through our certified ISO 9001 system. Also, continuously trained to BS 7499 and BS 7858 Manned Guarding Operating Standards.

What manned security means to you…

Manned guarding is another way to say, security guards. As such, manned guarding maintains a visible presence to protect assets and people while deterring criminal damage.

Security Guards are Multi-Skilled Personnel

While a security officer’s role is to “protect assets and people”, their responsibilities often cross over.

For example, a security guard is trained to manage front of house and reception duties. They control access, handle deliveries, report health and safety concerns and undertake minor maintenance work.

On the whole, your bespoke manned guarding service is consistent. You do not need to plan for holiday or sickness cover because you’ve hired a security company to provide your guards.

Static Manned Security Guarding

There are crime hotspots. Areas where illicit activity is likely to happen. Therefore, static security guards are an excellent solution. With decades of experience, our specialist static manned guarding expertise can identify areas of danger to prevent theft and vandals.

When your static guard service is in position, security guards will monitor your premises and deter threats. Security officers will create a secure and safe environment for everyone.

After that, patrols will constantly monitor active areas. Security guards will keep your assets and people safe and secure. They will prevent perpetrators from targeting your premises, especially when closed. 

Should there be any unusual activity, your static guard service will quickly identify it and efficiently control the situation. You can be confident that your premises won’t fall victim to vandals.

As a result, we will minimise any disturbances to your business and customers.

Mobile Security Patrols

Securing vast buildings and parking facilities may need another security guard solution. Therefore, mobile security patrols are a suitable option. With mobile patrol services, you can prevent theft and vandalism across a large area. Their ability to move and monitor multiple areas works efficiently as a highly-visible deterrent.

As they cover more ground, an experienced mobile security officer secures your business, either on foot or in your patrol vehicles. That way, they protect your people, premises, goods and equipment.

Generally speaking, mobile security patrolling will prevent criminals. But should something happen, their rapid response will minimise interruptions to your business. So you can rest assured that your business will be consistently secure with mobile patrol services.

CCTV Security System – Installation & Surveillance

By including constant CCTV monitoring of your business, Central Watch Security’s officers can simultaneously observe many areas. With observant eyes, they can rapidly respond. That contributes to your business security. Plus, the CCTV recording can act as visual evidence. 

Furthermore, CCTV has a positive effect on human behaviour. With a custom CCTV package and round-the-clock monitoring, your customers, staff and would-be perpetrators will restrain behaviour.

If you need a professional CCTV system and 24/7 monitoring service, we can recommend optimal coverage strategies. With our help, you can have a quality installation and surveillance system to monitor your business.

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Proactive Security Solutions Produce The Best Results

Central Watch Security offers a comprehensive manned security guard package to produce your desired result.

Discourage Unwanted Conduct

The sight of a security guard is often enough to dissuade wrong behaviour. But if any undesired behaviour occurs, then they take action to prevent it.

Save Time & Money

When you secure your business, you prevent the loss and damage of assets. Plus, keep your insurance low and save the time you would spend dealing with incidents.

Rapid Response

In the event of a situation, your security team will react quickly and take control. This will reduce any disruption to your business.

Tailor-Made Manned Security

Our experienced unique approach and assessments and reviews give you a customised and flexible manned guarding security system. As you evolve with the times, so will your security service.

Secure Inside & Out

With CCTV monitoring and foot patrols inside and outside, your assets are protected. Potential intruders and offenders are discouraged. This gives you peace of mind.

Monitor Premises Access

The security staff at entrances can control access at all times. That prevents unwanted visitors from gaining access.

Meeting & Greeting

We make sure our security officers are warm and courteous because a favourable attitude leaves a lasting impression.

Help at Hand

Your attentive and considerate security guards serve to satisfy your personnel and customers.

The Customer is King

Our security staff are trained to amplify the customer experience. They focus on satisfaction while always well-presented, courteous and helpful. What’s better than a happy customer?

Front of House

While manning reception, security officers prevent unwanted contact with you or your personnel or customers.

Expert Security Guards

Our security guards are highly trained professionals. They have passed our certified training system, which has accredited the ISO 9001 quality standard. With ongoing training, you can rely upon a specialist and relax.

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