Over 25 Years of Experience

Retail Security for Shops

Retail Security Guards Prevent Loss & Increase your Profits

Sadly, there are security threats – Shoplifting, stock damage and organised crime are just a few.

Whether you operate a specialist store, a department store, a supermarket, or a shopping centre, criminals and vandals will target your retail business.

That’s why you need retail security officers to provide security for your shop.

With over 25 years of experience providing retail security solutions, Central Watch Security can ensure your staff, premises and goods are protected. 

Our retail anti-theft solutions produce loss reduction. Plus, visible security guards and surveillance deters vandalism. All in all, our retail security service can provide a return on your investment.

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Manned Static Security for Retail

Theft Prevention with our Dedicated Retail Security Guards

Static security guards are an excellent solution to combat crime hotspots. With decades of experience, we’ve become retail store security specialists. With this know-how, we can identify areas of danger.

When in place, static manned guards will monitor your shop floor, deter threats and create a secure and safe environment for everyone.

Should there be any unusual activity, your retail security service will quickly identify it and efficiently control the situation. As a result, we will minimise any disturbances to your business and customers.

With your retail store security in place, fire safety, first aid, emergency planning and evacuation procedures will take effect swiftly. Therefore, people and goods will be secure and protected.

Mobile Security Patrols

Covering spacious premises may require a different retail security solution. With mobile security patrols, you can prevent theft and vandalism across a large area. 

Our experienced mobile security guards will secure your site. On foot or in your patrol vehicles, the ability to move and monitor multiple areas acts as an effective deterrent. If something should occur, a mobile security guard will rapidly respond. Their presence will reduce interruptions to your business.

CCTV Installation & Surveillance

Powerful Electronic Solution to Discourage Bad Behaviour

By monitoring your premises with CCTV, security officers can observe large areas at once. With that, they can respond quickly.

CCTV provides constant protection with visual evidence. Furthermore, it can positively affect human conduct. With a custom CCTV package and 24/7 monitoring service, your customers and staff will be on their best behaviour.

Should you require a professional CCTV system, then we can provide recommendations for optimal coverage. With this advice, you can have a quality installation and surveillance system to monitor your business.

Retail Store Detectives

Looking like “the average Joe”, store detectives move around your store without causing alarm. It may be that you do not want your customers to feel intimidated or you’re trying to catch the most elusive criminal.

Whatever the reason, a plainclothed/undercover security guard can identify who is stealing or causing vandalism. To do so, they follow shoppers or staff who behave suspiciously. They may simply describe their observations. Take evidence. Conduct interviews. Investigate cases and suspects. Or call the police.

Without creating unnecessary attention, store detectives will manage any situation. In the end, their service prevents and detects criminals.

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