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Construction & Building Site Security Guard Services

Provide Constant Reassurance for your Building Site. Your Contractors & Equipment are Protected.

Criminal activity can impede your operation, schedule, work in progress… any disruption costs you time and money.

Security threats to construction sites are constant. High-value building materials and machinery and equipment are attractive targets. Fuel theft is also common. A building site is a magnet for thieves.

That has a knock-on effect on running your site. It may delay works while you seek to replace or refuel generators and machinery. Also, cleaning up the spilt fuel thieves often leave behind takes time. It’s also a fire hazard.

Furthermore, your workers and contractors become disheartened after losing their possessions and equipment.

Besides this, a perpetrator may leave behind exposed and dangerous material or wiring. This damage could induce harm or even kill. Additionally, your building may be at risk of arson too.

Therefore, through a meticulous construction site risk assessment, effective security services can prevent this.

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Complete Construction Site Security

Security for a construction site deters criminals and protects building materials, equipment and people. Central Watch Security achieves this with manned security and security equipment.

Above all, your risk analysis will help us to determine your needs. As a matter of fact, with ongoing assessments, you’ll have fluid security as each phase of work progresses.

We can provide a range of building site security and health & safety services. For instance, construction companies are often concerned about hazardous materials and unstable structures and exposed wiring.

With that being the case, security guards can help to verify compliance with safety regulations. Should unauthorised entry to buildings or construction sites occur, then the risks of an accident are minimised.

In the end, visible on-site security guards prevent the loss of valuable tools and machinery while keeping workers and the public safe. Also, intruder detection, CCTV and lighting can aid their operation.

As such, a visible monitoring system and warning signage will deter criminals and alert us to any problems. Lighting can protect access points too. Also, containment and obstacles such as anti-climb fences, gates and barriers will make it difficult for burglars.

Mobile & Static Patrol Guarding

Securing a building site usually requires a complex manned guarding approach to block external threats. Therefore, construction site security guards can be static at access points when open and mobile while closed. 

With over 25-years of experience, Central Watch Security will provide the best solution for your site’s security needs. That way, hazards and danger will be stifled. Plus, we will prevent theft and wilful damage.

With your construction security guards in place, Central Watch Security will monitor all anomalies and immediately respond to incidents. As a consequence, security officers on your building site will create a secure and safe working environment.

Incidentally, controlling access is a major point of concern. For one thing, there are usually multiple vulnerable access points. These need to be secured, ideally with industrial security gates that you cannot unhinge.

By implementing site access control for people and vehicles moving in and out, you prevent people from wandering into a hazardous construction site without authorisation and safety equipment.

Central Watch Security services specialise in access control of personnel, visitors and suppliers to your construction site while deterring unwanted individuals.

Equally likewise, your security officer opens an access point when required. That may be at the beginning of the day when workers and contractors arrive. Or to grant access to suppliers. That will happen from a manned security office as your guard provides secure access to your building site.

At the end of the day, your construction site and buildings and storage units will be locked up and secured. We then ensure all personnel have vacated before setting any alarm systems.

Altogether, our security guards on construction sites are thoroughly trained and qualified and licenced by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. If needed, we can supply CSCS Licensed Operatives.

CCTV Construction Site Security Monitoring

On a construction site, CCTV acts as an obvious disincentive to intruders. Any perpetrator that sees the warnings and spots the cameras will think twice.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough to spook with valuable equipment on site. So, Central Watch Security’s officers monitor live CCTV. They can concurrently watch many areas, day and night. Their keen eyes and skill help them to filter out false alarms from a security threat. At all times, security personnel are ready for dispatch and to notify the police. In any event, CCTV recording can act as visual evidence.

Therefore, if you need to secure your construction site with a professional CCTV system and around-the-clock monitoring service, Central Watch Security can inspect your building site to determine key areas and potential weaknesses to monitor.

You may benefit from a temporary CCTV system. A solar-powered and wireless CCTV tower system. Whatever your requirements, with our help you can have a quality installation and surveillance system to monitor your site.

Overall, Central Watch Security can offer a tailor-made construction site security solution to ensure your development has maximum protection.

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