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Concierge Security Guards Create Great First Impression

Effective Concierge Security Service

A concierge service offers two advantages… Assistance and safety. Concierge security guards make people feel welcome and safe and comfortable. On the other hand, they deter illicit activity.

Throughout the day, your security attendant will meet and greet, answer the phone, and manage your post and parcels. At the same time, they will identify strangers, stopping unauthorised access, stemming trouble and preventing loss and damage.

Our multi-talented concierge guards paint a positive first impression.

All of your guests, staff and residents will feel special in the welcoming atmosphere we created.

As a result, your concierge intensifies your company image. The people that you serve will feel secure with a high level of assistance and advice to hand.

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Effective Trustworthy Defence for Business

To be effective, our professional concierge staff will develop trust and rapport. They are a line of defence that represents you and your business. You might operate an office building, academic environment, hotels, apartment & housing blocks, private clubs, health care such as hospitals and care homes, or museums. Therefore, concierge security can protect your home, company, personnel, goods and equipment. 

How your Business can Benefit from Concierge Security Service

Monitor Premises Access

The concierge staff at the entrances control access at all times. That prevents unwanted visitors from gaining access.

Meeting & Greeting

A friendly face on arrival leaves a lasting impression. We make sure our concierge security officers are warm and courteous.

Help at Hand

Your observant concierge staff are considerate while they serve. Therefore, your customer continues with their day while satisfied with the interaction.

Front of House

Every connection, in person or by phone, is checked. That prevents unsolicited contact with you or your personnel or customers.

Discourage Unwanted Conduct

The concierge staff are security guards to their core. So if any unwanted behaviour begins to occur, then their training and experience will see them taking action to prevent it.

The Customer is King

We believe that business should be customer-centric. As such, we train our concierge staff to think about the customer experience.

They aim to respect customers and personnel and to focus on satisfaction. We expect excellent communication skills and impeccable manners from our security guards… Even with the most difficult person.

The customer might not be right, however, our concierge staff are thoughtful in their approach. They establish relationships to empathise with every person they communicate with.

Your friendly concierge guard is always well-presented, courteous and helpful. They are experienced and trained to assist with any enquiry.

Multi-Skilled Concierge Security Staff

On top of the basic skills required to be a security guard, such as surveillance and self-defence, our concierge training offers our staff

telephony, front of house and reception skills.

Combine that with their personal, corporate and hospitality training, then you have exceptional concierge security staff.

Plus, concierge attendants keep common areas clean and tidy and carry out minor maintenance work to ensure your business runs smoothly.

Overall, a concierge guard will control access and only permit entry to authorised personnel. They will log the details of guests and visitors and ensure they provide a valid ID. And monitor the switchboard.

While on duty, they will organise the storage of incoming parcels and post. From there, they will distribute the incoming mail where necessary.

You can be sure that people and premises are secure and monitored. Your concierge attendant will lock and unlock the building, monitor CCTV and act as a visual deterrent to anti-social behaviour.

Furthermore, our ability to retain customers and staff for over 25 years demonstrates that your business is in reliable hands.

Plus, all of our concierge officers are Security Industry Authority (SIA) licenced and Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) “police” checked.

All in all, we can adapt services to your needs.

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